Reinventing The Wheel

The Automotive & Aerospace industries are one of the most exciting spaces that you could be working in when it comes to Experience Design. The forces of change are strong and our incentives to reinvent the wheel have never been more noble or more tied to the entrepreneurialism and invention that brought about the second industrial revolution. From the first wheel to our first footsteps on the moon, our quest to move further and faster has been limited only by the technology to power our dreams.

Now, speeding into a post-digital era, the forces of sustainability, urbanization, and new technologies that defy the very concept of time and space are reshaping how we move all over again. Welcome to the third industrial revolution.

Last Tuesday our announcement at North American International Auto Show was just the beginning of how we will change the relationship between people and their cars.  Join IBMiX on this journey as we explore and lead the innovations and ideas — once relegated to science fiction — that use the Internet of Things, Renewable Energy, Data and Cognitive Experience Design to bring forth a new driving reality.

For me, the future is not some far off date 5 years from now. It is the ongoing present, which our IBMiX Experience Design teams are sprinting towards with agility and industrial strength design thinking – Join us as we Reinvent The Wheel.

Enjoy the trends we believe are shaping mobility in 2016:
Download and Read IBMiX’s Reinventing The Wheel

Download PDF: IBMiX_ReinventingTheWheel_FutureOfMobility_TrendPaper

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