A Solemn Vow To Vote

Design For Democracy is an open source design initiative that invites all creators, to design ideas that will make the world more democratic and equitable. #DesignForDemocracy strives to create innovations that make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.

Citizen engagement at every level and in every medium, platform and locale is central to a strong and vibrant democracy. When people come together to celebrate their truth we get closer and closer to a fairer, more inclusive society.

In 2018, this initiative has never been more important. Not only must we protect our right to vote, we must extend it to anyone who has been systematically disenfranchised from voting.  With 100 Days left until the US Midterm elections, we are calling on all creators and makers to help us connect and inspire the 46.9% of eligible voters who did not vote in 2016 to register and vow to vote in 2018.

Using the Hashtag #DesignForDemocracy I invite you to join me with passion and determination for the next 100 Days to fight voter apathy with art.

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